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Rockettes - Then and Now

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Anne Fair started dancing school at age 7, taking lessons in ballet and then tap. She started working for Paramount Theatres in their stage shows and in 1928 went to the Roxie Theater hoping she would be hired. Anne auditioned for Russell Markert and was told he could use her because he needed replacements for the group he was taking to Hollywood to be in the movie "The King of Jazz" with Paul Whitman. Anne stayed until the fall of 1929 when her family received word that her grandmother in France was dieing of cancer. Her family relocated to France to be with her grandmother for her final days. When Anne returned to the United States she performed in the revival of Babes In Toyland and proceded to travel all over the country. When her tour was over she met the man she would marry.

Anne became Mrs. MacLean in 1931. She has one son and one daughter and Anne says there has never been a dull moment in her life.

When Anne's son Donald was inducted into the Army, he was stationed in Arlington Cemetery as one of the Honor Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Solder.

In 1952 Anne and her husband purchased a farm in Claverack, NY where they raised Jersey cows. They had the farm for 25 years until her husband had several strokes and had to stop working. Anne's husband was a well known stone contractor in NYC. Some of his buildings were the CBS and Time Life buildings. Donald joined him and they had 2 contracts with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for which they were commended, and the South Mall in Albany, NY.

Their farm was adjacent to a Country Club, so they all spent lots of time over there. They all became good golfers but Anne's daughter, Georgette was the best. She was Ladies Golf Champion 13 times.

Georgette was a teacher for 24 years in Rochester N.Y. In 1983 Georgette and Donald decided to raises Arabian horses. That went well until 1987 when the market went down and they stopped breeding but Georgette still has 7 horses. Animals are obviously her love so when she stopped raising horses Georgette started breeding and showing dogs. She now has whippets; many who are Champions. So there is never a dull moment around Anne's house. She'd love to hear from old friends and alumnae. Anne can be reached at:

Anne Fair MacLean
387 Tishauser Rd.
Hudson, N.Y. 12534